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Museum and Library of Confederate History

Greenville, SC


This museum was founded and is sponsored by:
16th South Carolina Volunteer Regiment
Camp 36
Sons of Confederate Veterans

The museum is organized as a non-profit, tax-exempt corporation.

Our purpose is to tell the truth of the sacrifices and gallantry of our Confederate Ancestors, and the value and nobility of the cause for which they fought:  self-determination and constitutional government.  This museum is one of the ways in which we carry out the charge given us.

Admission to the museum is free. Tax-deductible donations are welcome.

You can become a Patron of the museum by contacting the museum director at Your Contribution will be recognized by a pin as illustrated below.

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To contribute, print out the Donor Contribution Form by clicking on this link and printing the page that appears. Mail the Donor Contribution Form with your check to the address on the form.

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